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We are a nonprofit organization that advocates educational excellence for college students.

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For over 10 years,

The Milton and Ruby McClendon Education Foundation provides scholarships to students in Lake County, Indiana.


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The Milton and Ruby McClendon Memorial Scholarship is a fund named after two honorable, caring, and dignified citizens from Hammond, IN.  Married for 54 years, the couple’s tireless efforts to create a better community were hallmark - stressing education, good parenting, and responsibility. They worked for the common person until their untimely deaths in 2009. The McClendon Scholarship will echo through the years with each awardee carrying the mantle of the humanities. 

The Memorial Scholarship

The scholarship is given to a graduating high school senior or college student from Lake County, IN, who will attend Purdue Northwest, Purdue West Lafayette, The Ohio State University, or Wabash College. Preference is given to Humanities majors, with a minimum 2.5 GPA. Recipients represent a renaissance in student achievement, having goals that will add to the richness and beauty of the greater society. 


Applications are accepted annually between Dec. 1st and  Feb. 1st.

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Our Partners, Legacy Foundation

Legacy Foundation is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization serving as a community foundation for Lake County, Indiana. Their goal is to offer a personalized approach to giving that enables individuals, families, organizations, and businesses to create a charitable legacy. With over 300 funds and $60 million in assets, they have become the trusted source for philanthropic giving in the region. Legacy Foundation is designated a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. 

Past Scholarship Recipients

McClendon Scholars see unlimited possibilities, giving humanity to their future vocations.

Mya Bell

2022 Recipient

Lake Central High School
Purdue University

Aaron Perez

2021 Recipient

Munster High School
Purdue University


Lianna Boulles

2020 Recipient

Griffith High School

Purdue University

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Anushka Majety

2022 Recipient

Munster High School
Purdue University

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Keep The Legacy Alive

Your donation supports a scholar in the Humanities. Make a donation to fulfill a dream of a college education.

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Get In Touch

Contact the McClendon Family for more information.

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